Research (2004~2009)

The Fan-Tasy Entertainer

    2010 was the 7th year of the Fan-Tasy Lab. To remember the great job done by our alumni and the great joy we’ve shared in the past 6 years, we collected some of our experimental data and compiled them into a short video-“The Fan-Tasy Entertainer” along the music “The Entertainer” composed by Scott Joplin. Hope the fantastic video entertains you.


  • Connecting Interface for Modularization of Digital Microfluidics. SPIE 2008.
  • Dielectric Droplet Manipulations by Electropolarization Forces. MEMS 2008.
  • Wristband-Like Droplet Platform by Digital Microfluidic Modularizations. MEMS 2008.
  • 3D Droplet Transportations by EWOD Actuations on Flexible Polymer Films. IMECE 2005.
  • Portable Digital Microfluidics Platform with Active but Disposable Lab-On-Chip. MEMS 2004.

Mirror EWOD

  • Parallel Transportation of Droplets in a Multilayer Device by MEWOD. Transducers 2007.
  • Smart Lens: Tunable Liquid Lens for Laser Tracking. SPIE 2007.
  • Direct Handwriting Manipulation of Droplets by Self-Aligned Mirror-EWOD across a Dielectric Sheet. MEMS 2006.

Asymmetric Electrowetting

Liquid DEP

Particles and Cells DEP

Dielectric Droplet Manipulation


  • Characterization and Packaging of Electronic Paper Display Based on Particle Polarization. SID 2009.
  • Reflective Electronic Paper Display by Particle Chain Technology with Tunable Stability. IDMC 2009.
  • Reflective Electronic Paper by Polarization and Electrophoresis of Toner in Oil. IDW 2008.
  • Reflective Electronic Paper by Particle Polarization on a 5×5 Pixel Array. IDW 2008.
  • Reflective Electronic Paper Display Utilizing Electric Polarized Particle Chains. SID 2007.

Encapsulated Droplets

  • Formation, Transportation, and Evaporation of Encapsulated Droplets.IEEE Int. Conf. on NEMS, 2009.
  • Water Droplet Encapsulation by A Quantitative and Removable Oil Shell. Transducers 2009.
  • Digital microfluidic packaging by droplet-level encapsulation. APCOT 2008.

Bilayer Lipid Membrane Formation

Combination of PDLC and Electrowetting


  • Electric-Wave Heating on the Microfludic Chip. NanoMed 2007.
  • Realizing Temperature-Controlled Digital Microfluidic Chips with Versatile Microelectrodes. NEMS 2007.

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