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NTU CTLD Interview

微液滴3D生物列印 – 台大機械系范士岡教授研究團隊


Beloved Visitors

Exchange Student:                        Visiting Scholar:

Jingjing Guo, Xiamen University              Hang-Heng Wong, University of Macau
(2016/11/05 – 2017/01/23)                  (2016/12/20 – 2017/02/17)
Takeshi Komatsu, Hokkido University
(2017/01/10 – 2017/02/14)


Welcome Professor Yi-Chin Toh from National University of Singapore to visit our Lab and give a talk.


Congratulations! Our member, Min-yu Chiang, published paper on Science Advances.

Constructing 3D heterogeneous hydrogels from electrically manipulated prepolymer droplets and cross linked microgels

Min-Yu Chiang, Yao-Wen Hsu, Hsin-Yi Hsieh, San-Yuan Chen and Shih-Kang Fan*


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