Bang-Ning Hsu

Bang-Ning Hsu

Bang-Ning Hsu (徐邦寧)

Nickname: Bunny
Birthday: July 25, 1982


Reading (Asimov, 1984, astronomy, Wired, architecture, industrial design, travel literature, iLaw, websites, and blogs. Basically I read whatever kinds of stuff except Biology.)

Music (Pop/ John Mayer, Classical/ Romantic and Nationalism, Jazz/ Keith Jarret)

Travel (London, Spain, Northern Europe, southern New Zealand)

All kinds of racing, including America’s Cup

Apple, proud owner of three portables and four iPods! Would like to work for Apple if possible!

Introduce myself

So this is me. 24 years old from Tainan. Draft completed. Unlike people at the same age I don’t like dancing and stuff. But I am REALLY REALLY into reading. Originally I only do magazines, like “Wired”, “New Scientist”, “Astronomy”, “F1 Racing”, and “Architectural Review”. But nowadays I read many sci-fi and travel literature too. That’s because I like back-packing A LOT.

Actually, as of now, my lifetime goal is to be able to live at a beautiful little costal town at Spain, where people know and care about each other. Somewhere that people are not always rushing from A to B. Somewhere that don’t have Wal-Marts. Daydreaming? Maybe? Oh! Gothenburg, Malmo, and Stockholm should be darn neat as well. As for London, bookstores and museums are everywhere. Deep root of culture they have there. Nice.

Well my tastes of music is always drifting. But one thing I do care about is the lyric. Alternative rock with good guitar background is preferred. I don’t listen to Classical and Jazz music when I am on the road though. They are “indoor” types of music to me.

Mmm… enough for my interests. I think I have a special capability to “rip, mix, and burn” (to quote an Apple ad) materials and ideas from all kinds of medias and fields. Also, I’m very fast to come up with fresh ideas, albeit usually unrealistic ones haha. Finally, due to my affinity to read all kinds of stuff, usually I can relate and quote to cases and statistics from completely different areas than the topic under discussion. Hence more often than not my point of view is rather different from others’. Is this a strength? It depends… good for academics but sometimes you don’t feel fit in…

Oh well I speak v e r r y slowly. This is always the first thing people notice when they first meet me.

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