Yu-Hao Peng

Yu-Hao Peng

Yu-Hao Peng (彭于豪)

Nickname: Newman
Birthday: 1984/8/14
Blood: A
Interests: Biology, Movies, Computer (especially Macintosh)
E-mail: YHPeng.nano95g@nctu.edu.tw
Site: http://newman814.blogspot.com/

Introduce myself

Good day, I’m Yu-Hao. I graduated from BioScience Techonology of Chung Yuan Christain Univeristy in 2005. Now, I’m a gradate student of Insitute of nanotechonology in NCTU. It’s my pleasure to work with you all.
Research: EWOD + AEWOD + iDEP



Fluorescent Protein Detection by Using Insulator-Based Dielectricphoresis

URI: http://handle.ncl.edu.tw/11296/ms5bb6

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