Jing-Wei Lin


Jing-Wei Lin (林敬崴)

Nickname: Up
Birthday: 1983/07/14
Blood: O
Interests: Dancing, Music, Sport….
E-mail: u900320@oz.nthu.edu.tw

Introduce myself

Hi! I’m Samuel, although friends never call me that way. You can call me “Up” or “Jing-Wei” whatever you want.
I recieved my B.S. degree in Physics from National Tsing Hua University in 2006. Now I’m a student of INT in NCTU.
I love dancing,music,sport,dog and cat….. If you like these stuff, just come to me, and i think we’ll have fun!
I’m glad to join this family, and nice to meet you!
Research: QCM+EWOD….



Contact Angle Analysis and Droplet-Based Biosensor by Quartz Crystal Microbalance

URI: http://handle.ncl.edu.tw/11296/cvbvdh

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