Ching-Wen Chen

Ching-Wen ChenChing-Wen Chen (陳靖文)

Birthday: 1981/11/28
Blood Type: ?
Interests: see movies

Introduce myself

I, Ching-wen “Angela” Chen, was born in a nuclear family. Of course I can’t consciously remember anything from the first two or three years of my life after my birth. And my hometown is Kaohsiung.

I was majored in pharmacy in China Medical University, and graduated in 2006. But now I’m a graduate student of Institute of Nanotechnology in National Chiao Tung University. I am enthusiastic about all kinds of things that I’ve never tried. In order to challenge my limitation, I come here to research further studies.

Just the same as every student, I have various hobbies. My favorite interest is listening to music. What I like the most are rock’n’roll and popular songs. And sometimes I would like listening to New Age, because it can make me so peaceful and silent when I am in a bad mood. Another hobby is movie. It’s the way I can relax and lay down whole pressure during a week. Anyway, to sum up, whatever music or movie, they indeed play very an important role in my daily life.


Institute of Nanotechnology in NCTU, 2006

Department of Pharmacy in China Medical University, 2001 – 2006



Electrophysiological Investigations of Bilayer Lipid Membrane and Ion Channel on an Electrowetting Chip


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