Shiau-Wei Lin

Shiau-Wei LinShiau-Wei Lin (林筱薇)

Nickname: Non
Birthday: 1982/11/09
Blood: O
Interests: Sleeping, reading, surfing the Internet……etc.

Introduce myself

I graduated from chemistry department from National Chung Cheng University in 2004. Now, I am a graduate student in the Institute of Nanotechnology of National Chiao Tung University (NCTU). Members of nano-TAS lab came from different departments of college. So, I learned a lot from them, like to respect everyone’s background (on the contrary, everybody will feed back to each other) and to think with different aspects (sometimes will arouse unexpected creativity). As a result, I really treasure the period of INT.

My reserch is the development of a novel patch-clamp chip by electrowetting-on-dielectric (EWOD). Detailed description is at the Reserch item. Welcome to contact me with e-mail, if you have any questions.



Bilayer Lipid Membrane Formation and Characterization by Actively Controlled Liquid Compartments


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