Po-Wen Huang

Po-Wen Huang

Po-Wen Huang (黃博文)

Nickname: Square
Birthday: 10/19 Libra
Blood: O
Interests: Sleeping
e-mail: pwhuang.nano93g@nctu.edu.tw

Introduce myself

My name is Huang Po Wen. I graduated from National Yung-Ming University and joined this research team at 2003. The sole motive of getting into this field is that I am interested in questioning anything around me. Finding out answers by myself and considering the application in life is my interest.

I think my individuality is amiable, but have the opinion. I can maintain the optimistic manner and the joyful mood to face any matter.

My habits are playing basketball, reading, and cooking. Maybe we’ll share these experience in privacy.

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